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Reeveta the most trusted daily health supplement among millions of consumers of India is a well balanced combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Ginseng. Reeveta improves health, immunity and keeps you energetic throughout the day .

Reeveta is a must for people who do not get all the essential nutrition from their daily diet....

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Reeveta is a unique health supplement with combination of various Vitamins, Minerals and Ginseng which completes your nutritional need and keeps you fit and active. .

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Reeveta is a unique Daily Health Supplement with a balanced combination of Ginseng Vitamins, and Minerals in appropriate concentrations. Reeveta rejuvenates and strengthens body organs, improves physical and mental health, prevents stress & fatigue and improves overall performance .With the help of Ginseng, Vitamins and Minerals, Reeveta doesn't let you experience weakness, fatigue and tiredness and keeps you fit and active all day long...

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